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The Gold Wireless Stereo Headset delivers amazing depth and audio clarity, elevating your gaming experience with custom audio modes created by developers exclusively for PlayStation®.

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Need replacement USB dongle

I’ve seen that the there are replacement dongles, ie Cechya-0082, but will this work with the 2018 version of the Playstation Gold 7.1 headset?


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Is my PlayStation gold wireless headset compatiable with and other dongle for a replacement


Ok I’m pretty strapped on cash and bought a 2018 model PlayStation gold headset with the thinner head band and it was refurbished and cheaper except it didn’t have a dongle but I had an older model PlayStation gold headset with the thicker headband that broke and still had the dongle. When the headset got to my home I was expect an easy pair it up after resetting the dongle and holding vss and mute and turning it on. But that didn’t happen I tried everything I know to do aka resetting using the companion app and using both mode 1 and 2 and nothing works. So does anyone know if it is actually possible to pair this specific dongle to the new model gold headset?


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I have this same headset and was in the same situation as you were, so I ordered this USB replacement adapter here and it fully worked for me. It’s up to you if you buy it or not but if you do buy it and it does not work the website has a 30 day return policy on all electronics sold there. There should be a user manual inside on how to use it with your PS4, but because I threw away the box and manual so therefore I cannot provide instructions here.

The replacement dongle you mentioned is out of stock everywhere I looked, so that’s why I am reccomending a different one. So to answer your question yes it should work with your PS4.

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With respect to the USB replacement adapter you recommended -- do I need to plug the into the mic port of the controller to use it with the Sony Playstation Gold Headset 2018 -- or will this work just like the now lost original USB dongle?

(my 2-yearold daughter took it out of the system and ran off with it).


Plug the audio jack into the headphone jack on the headphones and plug the usb into the USB port on the PS4. It should be working from thereon.


Would I still get the 7.1 from this device? Would I get virtual 7.1 from just a cord from the controller to headphones?

(I’m a bit unknowledgable on the virtual surround stuff)


@zman81 I think you would get better surround sound from just a headphone jack straight into the controller, if that is what you are asking about.


I use my Gold Wireless Headset for gaming on my PC and also lost my dongle. Is this dongle linked above compatible with PC?


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How to connect ps4 gold headset with ps4 mini usb bluetooth adapter

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