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E-mount Camera with full frame sensor manufactured in 2015 by Sony.

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Backlight doesn't work after repair

Display was broken and I’ve removed it. After I took new one and attached it, but the main ribbon (from display board to pcb board) was damaged. I’ve bought new and replace, but now backlight doesn’t work. Service man told, that problem may be in short circuit (when damaged ribbon touched metal tilting mechanism) and backlight is controlled by the BGA 8072PN (upper left corner of photo). But on the forum I’ve read that backlight is controlled by another chip. So I need to repair backlight but don’t know how.

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Hello, behind the screen, there is a chip management of the screen, in case of indeterminate failure, it is advisable to change the chip, the screen, and the electrical tape, the pieces cost about $ 60.

If the failure is still present, the graphics processor of the motherboard is probably defective.

The repairer must know the reasons for the breakdown before repairing the unit.

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