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My phone is disabled, please help me.

Okay recently, I forgot my passcode to my phone and I disabled myself out from my phone. I started to look online on how to restore my iphone, but I couldn’t get to restore it. Everytime I connect it to itunes and send my phone to recovery mode, itunes doesn’t seem to connect to it. It says an error message that something was wrong, but the thing is…I don’t know what. . I don’t know if it’s because my laptop is not a macbook, do you have to have macbook in order to recover your phone? Well, I also tried recovering my phone another way which is by doing the Find My Iphone option to erase all data. It didn’t work because when I went into my icloud and I searched for my device and it was offline… It sucks because I’m locked out of my phone and can’t connect it back to the wifi to fix the problem. I don’t know what to do… I’m not going to be able to get a phone for a long time. I was thinking of just going to the apple store, but I didn’t buy my phone from there. Would it also take money if I do end up going to the apple store and they help me unlock it? Are there any other ways?

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Hi Mona,

Are you getting anything at all if you plug it in to iTunes, does the computer recognise it at all? It should not matter that you do not have a MacBook as long as you have the latest version of iTunes installed. If you want to, you can try uninstalling iTunes from your laptop and reinstalling it from either the Windows store or the Apple website.

If this does not work, Apple will not charge you to reset the phone to factory settings but you will need to book an appointment. If you do not go to an Apple store, for example and Apple Service provider or a 3rd party repair shop, they may charge you.

Apple will do the reset on the phone, even if you did not purchase it there so don’t worry!

If your iTunes is all up to date, try following the steps here to put it into DFU mode then reconnect it and try resetting it again.

Hope this helps!

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