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Boot loop if both front camera and home button is connected


I have this strange problem.

I did an iPhone 7 screen replacement. After two weeks my customer said the home button and touch id won’t work. One day later it went into boot loop.

I disconnected the front camera flex, and then it started, but no home button functionality. I plugged the front camera flex back in, and disconnected the home button. It still booted. But if both the front camera flex AND the home button is connected at the same time, it just goes into boot loop.

I’ve tried this:

  1. Changing to several different screen, both original and copy.
  2. Connecting another original front camera flex from a working phone.
  3. Disconnect one flex, start the phone and then plug the flex back. The phone doesn’t turn off or change behaivor doing that.
  4. I’ve searched with Google, iFixit and YouTube, but can’t find a similar problem with a solution. I’ve also tried to serch within the schematics for iPhone 7, but can’t find anything obvious that those flexes has in common that should cause this.

If I disconnect the home button and start the phone, the ear speaker work, but not the front camera, proximity switch or the light sensor.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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A few things to note, with a phone that has no hardware issues, I have done some testing to know what parts are required for an iPhone 7 to boot normally without waiting a long time on apple logo or boot loop:

An iPhone 7 with an original or aftermarket screen will boot normally with the front camera cable unplugged and home button plugged in.

It will take a long time to boot but eventually boot up normally if the home button is unplugged from the screen regardless of if the front camera is plugged or unplugged from the phone.

If the front camera flex has a tear or is faulty it will cause the home button to stop working sometimes and even cause the phone to bootloop.

Have you made sure the small black adhesive that covers the gold contacts on the front camera cable is still there? Sometimes this is missing or gets stuck on the old screen when removing the front camera. (I know this is at least for the 7 plus but not sure if it’s the 7 as well).

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I just had this same exact experience with an iPhone 7 Plus. After figuring out that it would boot with the selfie flex cable unplugged but not when it was plugged in I decided to take a closer look at the selfie flex cable. The tape on the bottom of the selfie cam flex cable that covers the connection points was left on the old screen. I noticed the missing tape and realized it had already been stored with the other good LCDs so I cut a piece of black electrical tape and put it over the connection points. Now the phone boots up just fine.

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I am having this very same issue, but I'm still having trouble. Which piece of tape are you indicating was missing, exactly? I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, or any tape that looks missing, and I can't get the phone to boot up with the Front camera connected. Any help is much appreciated.


I'm having same issue with iphone 7 plus. if both camera and home button plug in. phone will not boot.


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