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iPhone 7 No Service Error -1

I have an IPhone 7 stuck on itunes logo. Before this the phone having a No Service issue. Then I started to restore the device, but then after restore the itunes came out with error -1 (stuck itunes logo).

I believe that error -1 or No Service issue need to reball the BBCpu chip.

Okay my question is, what if after I reball the BBCpu chip the issue not solved. Then what should I do next ?

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1 Resposta

On what evidence do you think there is a fault under the baseband CPU? You’re doing the same thing you did on the last question you posted—-you’re playing “wheel of fortune repair”

”Maybe it is…..(spin the spinner)……Baseband CPU needs reball!”

That is not good repair, horribly inefficient and you are introducing new variables every time. STOP GUESSING.

You have absolutely NO REASON to expect that this phone needs a baseband CPU reball, and this phone as it is right now will qualify for an Apple recall for this issue. Opening up the phone will do nothing other than give Apple a reason to not honor their own recall for this issue.

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Im not doing anything yet on this device. And also I remember what you said on the previous question i made about the wheel of fortune repair. Thats why I made a question about the bbcpu for ip7, I dont where to start first. What lines do I need to check ?


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