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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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My PowerBook g3 Pismo won't start just heard long beep?

I changed my memory RAM from pc100 to pc133 Mhz on my pismo to get more speed, but only my powerbook g3 wont start and I only hear a long beep and nothing else and the screen is black, also I change it the PRAM battery and reset everything. Pls can some one help me.thanks in advance. Nick

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Your machine was built to run on PC 100 RAM. Obviously it won't run on PC133 RAM. Put the old RAM back. Besides it won't run faster than the slowest component. The bus is 100 MHz so even if the 133 RAM would work you would get no speed increase.

CPU: 400 or 500 MHz PPC 750 (a.k.a. G3)

bus: 100 MHz

RAM: 64 or 128 MB, expandable to 1 GB using two PC100 3.3 volt unbuffered low-power 144-pin 100 MHz SO-DIMMs

Level 2 cache: 1 MB at 40% of CPU speed (160 MHz or 200 MHz)

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The only way to improve performance on a Pismo with ram is to max it out at 1 GB. If you want more speed you need a processor upgrade. +


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