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Changing NAND flash memory from IP6S to IP7


I’ve been looking at over 100 answers related to this question, and there’s a lot of different thoughts.

I have recieved a dead IP7. The NAND flash and capasitors around have burned quite good and it needs to be replaced. I have a lot of donor boards from IP6 and 6S but none for IP7. Can I take a NAND flash from 6S and solder on the IP7?

I have proper equipment, except PCIE NAND flash tool from china.

A lot of people say I need to flash the NAND chip. I’m just unsure if I need to do that in order to get the phone working. I don’t need any information stored in the memory.

What I’m thinking of is to replace the NAND and the phone should boot up in DFU mode, then I can wipe the phone and load in new OS and it should work. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance,


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I don’t have an iPhone 6S/7 NAND programmer in the shop (yet!) but my understanding is that they are the same; they both use the same LGA70 NVMe NAND.

However, you can’t just replace the NAND without programming it. The phone will fail with error during restore.

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