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Frigidaire fridge Evaporator Fan not Working but able to turn by hand

Model: FGHN2844LF3

•My freezer is cooling, albeit not to the ideal temperature, and my refrigerator is not getting cold. The freezer stays around 11-19 degrees, the fridge stays around 75-78.

•the refrigerator temp is displaying SY, freezer temp displaying EF which I’ve read is an evaporator fan issue but also could lead to control board??

•I unplugged the fridge for 48 hours to see if when it turned back on it pointed to the defrost portion being the problem. It still didn’t work!!

•I removed the evaporator fan cover and the fan is able to be turned by hand but it’s not turning on its own. I did see two small 1 second periods where it tried to turn on it’s on but it’s definitely not turning consistently.

•the freezer light wasn’t turning on so I exchanged a fridge bulb with the freezer bulb to see if it was burned out or more of a control board issue and that light now turns on but I plugged the original freezer bulb in the fridge bulb spot and it works there too??

•the refrigerator “chirps” excessively when it’s turned on.

•it occasionally makes loud POPs and knocks. Sometimes the pops are as loud as a gun shot it seems but they range. It has done this for the duration of us owning it, so we’re not concerned about that if it did the cooling part. Just adding so I don’t miss any diagnostic details.

•the ice maker broke a month after we purchased the fridge (7 years ago) and we didn’t have it fixed because we had a stand alone ice maker. I only add this detail so that I can give all of the problems to see if they add up together. (That’s broken now too so it feels like I’m in an appliance graveyard.)

•the high temp alert beeps more than it seems it should even when the fridge is “working.” (Potential diagnostic detail)

please help,

I would like to know for sure about the evaporator fan before replacing it as I’ve read that sometimes it can end up not being the issue. I also don’t have a multimeter but could purchase one if it would help me greatly. Also, I am not a professional appliance repairman, but I have been able to fix our washer and dryer thanks to YouTube and google. I am confident I can fix almost anything but also am stay at home mom trying not to get electrocuted.

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I have a multimeter. Which wires check out the continuity of motor windings of the evaporator fan motor?


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The evaporator fan motor turns off when the door is opened. You can nanually open and close the door, holding then letting go of the switch to make sure the switch is working. Can you get the light to go on and off? If so than the switch is good. The chirping sound was the evapoter fan motor.

Replace the fan motor and it should be fine. The noises are caused by defrost heaters They heat and the ice is warming, and breaking loose causing the noise

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I have a 2011 Frigidaire Callery FGHN2844LF3. Have had this problem off and on since we bought it. Have changed at least 3 circuit boards, an ice maker, and a fan. I sick of "part changers" turning up here to change parts. Are there any real troubleshooters out here? The frig has a code SY EF. I pulled the evaporator motor, and there is continuity on the windings. Do I need to change yet again, another circuit board? Ice maked still didn't work when I replaced the last one over a year ago. By the way, I replaced it myself and grounded my body to the frig while handling the card. It lasts far longer than the other two.


@fatcat_68 the SY EF error could be caused by several things. Do you hear the fan running? Remove the access panel exposing the evaporator and the evap fan. Do you see any frost or ice built up.. is the frost pattern on the evap coils even on all the coiks, or do you only have frost on part of the coils? Dirty condenser coils can cause serious issues.


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Without a multimeter or a substitute you really don’t stand much of a chance of diagnosing electrical issues:

Digital Multimeter

The SY EF means check the wiring or evaporator fan. But it can also lead to the main board. After jiggling the wires to look for loose connections and going over the main board with a soldering iron to repair any cold solders, further attempts to diagnose with a multimeter is an expertise in futility. Without actually testing, you’re just guessing and that means buying parts which may or may not solve the problem.

Imagem de Digital Multimeter


Digital Multimeter


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I have a multimeter but didn't know what pins to check on the connector, since there were 4. I called Appliance and a rep told me which wire colors to check, and what voltage I should get. It confirmed I was getting an input voltage to the motor. The motor turned out bad. I also replace what may have been a defective sensor, and found out the correct line from the compressor it went to.


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Had the same issue (SY EF); reading all posts here - thank you SO MUCH, I took the motor apart - only to find a significant ice buildup at the rear of the fridge, behind the icemaker. The whole corner was encased in ice, all the way to the divider close to the fan.

Ice had also built up the duct on the left hand side - which I suspect blocked the air from getting up to the fridge and may have determined the error code.

I just put everything back now, it seems to work fine… perhaps I just got lucky, but if so that may just be the case with some of us experiencing the same issue…

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