Replacement LCD Works, Digitizer Doesn't?

Hi All

I am in the process of repairing a customers Surface Pro 4 LCD.

During the removal of the broken LCD I accidentally damaged the digitizer cable, so i ordered a replacement online.

The replacement LCD arrived yesterday (from a different supplier) and works perfectly as an LCD, however the digitizer / touch screen doesn't work at all.

I have double checked the connections coming from the replacement digitizer multiple times and have transferred the N-Trig digitizer circuit board from the original broken screen.

I am convinced that everything is plugged in correctly and was wondering whether the digitizer cable replacement could be faulty?

I have successfully repaired a Pro 4 before , and the LCD panel has come from the same reputable business that sold me the previous one (however on that repair i didn't need to replace a damaged digitizer cable)

I welcome any possible suggestions. Unfortunately as it’s a customers laptop I can’t do a operating system reinstall at the moment to see whether that resolves the issue.

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