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My tv has a brand new lead, but there's still no standby/Power on

I have a Samsung plasma TV, model number: PS51D450A2W. It just stopped working a while ago, no power on/standby light was coming on. A sparky checked the original lead and said there's power in the plug, but it's not travelling up the cable.

I've just plugged in a brand new power cable and nothing's changed; no lights, no activity whatsoever!

Any advice on what I can do to get this working would be greatly appreciated! My tech knowledge is very limited, but I'll try and follow any advice given :)

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It is very unlikely to have a power cord fail. Since you report that there is no standby light either, than I would suspect a rather catastrophic failure of the power supply board. In order to try to find the cause, I would like to request that you post pictures of the boards inside the set. Remove the back and take photos of the boards.

This may be a simple repair or not. Let start with a visual examination first. After that we’ll work on taking voltage measurements.


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Could be as simple as a blown fuse in the TV.

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I would agree as I stated it could be something simple, but... Fuses don't usually blow without good reason. There is not enough information in the original post to understand what happened. For example, was the set running when it just stopped? Was the set working the last time and when an attempt to turn it on again it wouldn't? These are questions surrounding the outage that are not yet answered.

In many cases, there are capacitors on the power board that fail. These can be marginally working for a long time before complete failure. While rare, it is possible that a failure of this type could cause a fuse to blow. A picture is worth 1000 words as these capacitor failures often leave outward signs.


Thanks for that information.

Just trying to encourage the user not to overlook the obvious. One time my transmission locked itself in 2nd gear. Turns out it was a blown fuse in the transmission computer. The tech didn't even charge me for the fix!


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