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Blue stains/clouds and yellow dots on refurbished screen

Hello guys, I just put a refurbished screen (changed glass) on my iPhone 6S Plus, and I see some kind of blue clouds, yellow dots and one bubble over it. I’ll upload an image so you can see what I’m talking about.

I contacted the repair service who sent me the screen, and they said that’s because of lamination machine and it will disappear after a few days of using.

Can you guys tell me is it possible to disappear by itself?

Block Image

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks guys, I will wait a few days like they said, and if it doesn’t disappear I will request a new one from them.


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Some moisture under the Lcd film that can`t be gone after a some days.Better you used with that display or change the new one.

This cannot damage any things only Lcd looks slightly dirty

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thats moisture under the screen

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