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Simplified touch screen smartphone, made to be user-friendly with seniors, running on Android version 5.1. Repairs include lots of prying and may include some soldering. Model number A622GL.

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Why does my screen stay dark when I get a call I can't answer it

Cannot answer in coming calls my screen stay dark when it rings

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Hi, could be your proximity sensor on your phone. They go black so you don’t hang up on people with your cheek during a call, but it should come back immediately after you take it away from your face. Depending on your phone model, it may allow you to adjusted this in settings.

However, a few things to check:

  1. Have you recently started using a new case? It could be triggering the proximity sensor.
  2. Is the sensor area dirty?
  3. Have you tried a reset lately? Sometimes the classic ‘turn it off/on again’ works magic.

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