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Will not power on after changing the charging port

I had to change my charging port in my IPhone 7 Plus. Afterwards, it wouldn’t power on. Please someone help!!!!

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Retrace your steps to determine if it’s the charger port or if something was simply misaligned. Pull up the guide again and make sure everything is in place and no debris is affecting it’s charging ability.

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The iPhone 7 plus is very easily misaligned and either not connected or the connector itself can be damaged due to this misalignment. Step one is to test the phone with a known good battery that has at least enough charge on it to power the phone on. If it doesn’t power on with a good battery, it is likely board level. There are also a few test points on the board you can test with a multimeter to see if you are getting power through the charge port and at least to the connector.

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