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it goes to sleep after I don't use it for 30 mins

i have an iphone 6 and it goes to “sleep” after i don’t use it for about 30min sometimes after 1 hour, so the device is on but won’t show anything in Display or won’t vibrate it’s like the device is off, even if i connect to charger it won’t show anything the only solution to wake it up again is to pres and hold Home button + Powerbutton.

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Sounds like a bad screen, if this issue occurred after getting the screen replaced, take it back to where you got it repaired from for warranty on that screen.

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no man it's not the screen foult i found the problem. The problem with this phone is that the RAM memory is damaged and only solution is to replace the RAM but not the cpu.


Interesting, I think you meant the eMMC (NAND flash memory) chip on the logic board which stores the iOS system firmware, user data (documents / pictures etc) which can go bad from dropping the phone / liquid damage.


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