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Final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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I ran out of gas and stuck in 5 gallons of gas, why won't it start?

You can hear the fuel pump working and smell gas, probably from flooding it, it would start and idle rough yesterday and today it won't even start.

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When you put in the gas was the 5 gallons fresh gas that you just got or was it something you had in a can for a long time ? Are you sure it was gas you put in and not maybe fuel that was mixed for a lawnmower or diesel for a generator? If it was clean fuel try cycling the key a few times before cranking the car over . Turn the key on till you hear the fuel pump run and shut off. Do this a few times This will prime the fuel rail. One last thing was the car out of gas for a long period of time . If so the fuel filter could have dried out and the dirt in the filter solidified completely blocking the filter . You may want to replace the filter . Hope this helps

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