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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Magsafe is orange, but 'battery is not charging'

As you can see, this is my first post so thanks in advance for any advice. Originally, we were getting no light at all on the magsafe adapter when connected to the Air. This power cable works on another Air, but not on this one. And another power cable works on the other Air, but not this one. I replaced the I/O board, but it did not help. I also swapped the battery pack between the Airs and there is no change.

This morning I took my time to inspect the logic board and all of its connections. The logic board looked good, but I realized that I used the original I/O board cable and it had corrosion on the logic board end. I replaced that cable with a new one and cleaned the connector on the logic board end. Now when I plug in the magsafe, I get an orange light as if it’s charging. I’m excited!, but once I boot up the OS says that the ‘battery is not charging’ and ‘power source: power adapter’. The curious thing is that the battery percentage is going down. The screen backlight dims when I remove the magsafe and brightens when I plug it back in. Any suggestions?

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Your troubleshooting and the symptoms described clearly point to a charging circuit failure on the logic board. Further troubleshooting would require a higher level diagnostic skills, schematics, a multimeter, soldering skills and tools etc. Being your Mac a relatively new machine it would make sense to take it to a reputable lab specialized in Mac repairs at component level.

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Thanks for the quick reply. In your experience, is a charging circuit failure repairable? or does it usually end up with a logic board replacement?


@adontech I've repaired quite a few with time and patience, I'd say most part are economically sustainable repairs. Maybe 1 on 10 is not repairable or not worth due to the extent of damage or economic reasons.


Once again, thanks for the help. I truly appreciate it.


You're welcome, hope you can get it back working in no time ;)


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Hi the same happened with me. When I plug in it’s orange but not powering up, then if I plug out it’s turning off then plugging in it’s turning on but battery is not powering up. I’m confused if the battery is broken or the charger? Any help?

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Same thing happens to me as Penny. When plugged in computer turns on. However battery doesnt seem to charge and when unplugged computer turns off. Also my fan doesn’t seem like it will turn on.


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It also happened to my charger too when you plug it in. The weirder part is it only turns into the ‘charging’ icon (the electric symbol on the battery icon) when the charger is hot. And even though it’s orange when it’s plugged and it won’t turn hot, it won’t charge or adds up the percentage of the battery (only the charger icon which indicates that it is plugged in to the Mac. ) It rarely turned hot when plugged in so it also rarely charged.

I haven’t checked that in an Apple Center since it’s so far from my city and I’m only 16 years old, I’m trying to lightly figure something out for the meantime. Since 2 pins of my Mac are burnt-looking (the pins that represents the power which is the 2nd and 4th pin) I tried to clean that up until it turn back a bit to gold it kinda charge. But I don’t trust that solution since I have constant online classes and if that won’t work and my Mac turns off then I’m screwed so I plug that in when my charger reaches 25%-30% so I can have time to plug and unplug until it charges legitimately.

I also clean out the carbon in both the port and the power jack by folding a clan bond paper until it turns to a sharp harmless pen looking cleaner and every time I do that SO MANY black stuff sticks to it and sometimes it also charger but I still don’t trust that.

I also did that classic SMC resent not just once but thrice the times I shut my Mac or the battery runs out because it won’t turn on even if it’s orange and not working :( But the SMC reset do work by plugging the charger and doing the same process.

I also checked the wirings and there’s a ripped wire which is also the hindrance to charging so I fixed that up and reduce the problem of my charger so I guess the charging port is the only problem left so I hope I got the money that’ll help me to go to a Mac store to find me a new charger and to check my Mac out

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