Crankshaft position sensor replace and reset

Hey Good Morning - I have a 2008 335i and had a p0335 and p1727 fault code (crankshaft position sensor). I swapped out the bmw crankshaft position sensor for a new one from advanced auto parts but the same error codes are there and I'm still in limp mode after clearing the codes. Do I need a battery reset or software update of some sort? Or should I follow a specific sequence tasks? Any suggestion to this fix would be helpful at this stage.

I Change the crankshaft position sensor and I did a battery reset where I simply disconnected the negative cable and reconnected the battery...i cleared the codes with an OBD scanner and still no luck as far as those engine lights being cleared permanently and getting out of limp mode

When I'm doing a formal reset and I wasn't sure if I should register the battery and or when I'm clearing the codes do I need a more sophisticated scanner other than the OBD scanner to actually fulfill the last phase of switching out the crankshaft is an OEM part that I purchase, I didn't purchase it from BMW...watching videos I have seen that some of the guys did have the BMW crankshaft position sensor which when they installed it they were able to start the vehicle right up and codes were cleared automatically, etc but speaking with a retail shops like Advance Auto, even BMW - they said that you can use an oem part and you shouldn't have a problem

Since changing the sensor, while in the on position (before starting engine) it does say ALL SYSTEMS OK. Then, after starting the engine the same fault lights reappear.

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