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How do I register Cyberlink PowerDirector on an offline pc?

I have bought Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack and when I installed it it had the option of registering on another computer, one connected to the internet.

However, when my new camera (JVC GZ-HD6) came with Cyberlink PowerCinema, CyberLink PowerDirector and Cyberlink PowerProducer. These do not have the option of registering on another computer. I do not want to connect to the internet and there is no no 30 day limit etc.

I just want to register so I don't get a box asking me to everytime I load one of the three. Is there any way of doing this?

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How does this increase the longevity of devices?


It doesn't but it improves my experience when using it


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There are three ways to register offline that I know of.

1. Is there a registration card in the box to be mailed?

2. Does the paperwork list a phone number (usually toll free) you can call to register?

3. If not you can go online to the web site for the company and look up contact us information.

You should be aware that not registering online will keep you from automatic driver updates and such and may make your software less useful. Ralph

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Thanks for the help!


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You can use Sony Vegas Pro 17 Latest

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