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error pci lan realtek pxe bo3 d00

Hi everyone! I have a problem with my laptop. Since today it freezes out of nowhere and i have to shut it Down only from the Button. When I turn it on again i get this message

“ pci lan realtek pxe bo3 d00”

What do I need to do? I Did the test on my harddrive and Its 100% and i also got into BIOS where lan is enabled; realtek is on the last position and the HDD is on 1st position .

It takes a lot to turn on Windows aswell.

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Hi @am1nutza

Is the boot order set correctly?

What is your model of your laptop?

How do you test your hard disk? using lenovo diagnostic - F10 ?

the PXE boot is normally activated when the computer is not able to boot to windows.

I would suggest you to check on the hard disk again and perhaps all hardware test, is there any error?

else there could be a possibility either the OS is corrupted or unstable HDD.

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what I do if these problem happen?


hi i have lenovo x131e laptop it is coming code pci lan: realtek pxe b03 d00


What i do if these problem happen


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A mí Lenovo le puse un disco sólido y no me deja instalarle el Windows 10. Me salta el mismo error.

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