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Is my phone broken?


Every time when i connect some headphones or a bluetooth speaker to my Smartphone it will start so sound weird.

The music gets more quiet and the bass gets very strong and uncomforable. This Problem won´t go away if i change the phone, the headphones or the speaker will stay like that.

i swichted my phone 2 times since this problem appeared, but nothing changed. This problem spreads like a virus and "infects" other phones to, if i connect the broken devices to them.

Can someone help me?

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Everyone upvote this question because this is weird and we need an answer...


Do you still have this strange audio virus on your devices? Would be very interesting to know if you found a fix or just ditched them altogether.


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I believe it is a driver issue, may be a hardware or even a connection issue. My speaker was quiet, fuzzy and only projected some things. Then when i connected the micro usb cable to my PC and reset some drivers it began to work. But you are using a phone. This is so weird and unusual no matter how much I search the darkest, deepest valleys of the web (duckduckgo) I can't find anything. Your driver may be corrupted and whenever you connect a device it downloads or spreads the current driver. I don't know but try these general steps ON ALL OF YOUR DEVICES if you can.

Hope this helped

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