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A tablet released in September of 2015 by Amazon featuring a 7 inch multi-touch screen display. Model Number: SV98LN

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Which Component Do I Need To Repair/Replace For My Screen To Work?

My little guy dropped my Kindle Fire 7 (5th Generation--2015). I don't blame him; it was my fault for giving the device to him sans case while he was sick.

Here is what I have observed since "the incident":

  • There is no visible case or screen damage (ie cracks, malformations, etc)
  • It can be powered on/off
  • I can adjust the volume
  • I can adjust brightness (because I know where to touch the screen)
  • I (once) blindly entered my lock screen password
  • After blindly entering my lock screen password I was able to connect it to my computer via USB and access some of the files that are on the device
  • Some files are available for transfer, others are coming up as black photos instead of images (they did this before "the incident" too), and a mess of others are not available at all but still apparently on the device as it the internal memory is very very full)
  • The device made its characteristic "click" sound when I entered the passcode
  • The screen is white with horizontal colored lines (if held in portrait vs landscape)
  • The lines move depending on what I have tried to do to the device

I need to retrieve the rest of those photos and videos. They are the record of my child's life. They aren't backed up on the Cloud :-/

I suspect that the hard drive, speakers, and buttons are in decent shape given my observations but need to know what needs repairing/replacing. If it's not a repair or a "just snug up this loose connection", knowing where to purchase parts would be amazing.

As a side note, would a professional repair person be able to access the files (photos, video, documents, whatever) if I took it to one of those places? It has a lock screen passcode. Not a great proponent of handing my data over to strangers.

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