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Will Apple work on my device if I have worked on it myself

I replaced the screen on my iPhone 7 few months back. Now I'm having problems with the home button and I know that it is not a user replacable part.

I did not use an original Apple screen on the phone.

I need Apple to fix my home button and I am willing to pay. But will they refuse to work on it since I've tampered with it myself?

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Actually they might. It's OK to have damaged screen, that would be OOW repair. But if they found out you've done something yourself, out.

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This seems to be a YMMV things. What we know about Apple policy is that the letter of the law is that they are not supposed to decline you outright, but in fairness, their screen replacement pricing is based on them harvesting a good original LCD from you that they will then refurbish back into a new screen. If they won't be getting that from you, then they will not honor the $129 pricing. Some people have been offered a screen replacement service at a price that is closer to $199.

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Are there depot repairs on these like Macs?


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They will not refuse to work on it if you have replaced the screen. In the past they have voided the warranty for this but now I believe that is no longer the case.

Contact them and tell them the situation and I am sure they will tell you how much it will cost for them to do the repair.

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