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Camera pressing on the screen after a housing swap

I recently bought a new housing for my iPhone 6 similar tothis, which makes the iPhone 6 look like an iPhone 8, as my phone was bent and I figured it would be a bit sturdier. After I transferred all the parts over, I noticed that when I put the screen back on, the camera presses on the LCD and makes pressure marks. This is because the new housing has a larger camera lens to mimic the 8, and mounts the camera slightly lower on the case to do so, making the camera touch the top of the display. The listing for the housing has a guide for the camera installation, which I followed, but and not having any luck in doing. I've tried installing the camera with and without the camera bracket, I've used paper spacers to try to press it in place, and I've even removed the metal shielding on the camera to try to lower the height with no luck. Do you guys have any ideas on what else I can do to make everything fit?

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Without knowing the specs specific to this housing, it's hard to offer any real help...

Everything is a snug fit in an iPhone as it is, if the replacement housing is not built properly, there may not be much you can do.

I would contact the seller to see if they have had success with this refit...perhaps you got a bad housing. That or they are selling garbage.

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Alright, that's what I figured. The whole camera is a millimeter or two lower than on the original case, so it doesn't fit in the cutout on the display where it's supposed to fit, thus pressing on the lcd. There are a lot of videos and photos of successful swaps, so it's possible, but maybe I just got bad luck. I'll try using another screen and camera later.


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