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iPhone 7 plus sound problem

iphone 7 plus sound problem,(when i connect the front facing camera & earpic lead, then loud speaker not works and battery draining,and going to play song at loud it's restarts , and removing it loud speaker is works and battery not drains) what is the problem with this....

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i assume you have tried replacing the component that causes the problem?


yes u r right but plzz give me the solution for.....


well if you have tried replacing the front camera flex as you say, then you are likely looking at a short on your motherboard which is connected to the audio IC via the flex ribbon. Do you have experience with board level troubleshooting, and SMT repairs?


hv some knowledge , I don't know it's where to short ,bt i m sure u can guess,where is the short ,guess it what's the prblm, the phone is slow booting,at 4 minute,when i connect both lid (1.front camera/earpic speaker and 2.loud speaker) then front camera and earpic speaker is works bt lwhen i try to play song or video at loud speaker it's restarting when removing the erpic lid loud speaker is working whats the prblm........???


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Plug all the flex cables back in. Turn the phone on. Let the phone boot up with the long apple logo issue.

Once it's booted. Go to voice memos app and see if you can start a voice record. If it can't start the audio IC has gone bad.

Also you can try making a call. If speaker phone is greyed out then that is another symptom the audio IC has gone bad.

Also the long apple boot 5 minutes is also caused by audio IC fault (can also be baseband at fault but that would search in no service / searching issue).

A bad front cam / home button flex can cause long boot too, note that if the phone is working fine for example you can boot the phone normally without long wait with home button plugged in but front camera unplugged.

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ur last line is matching , i can do everything with my phone it's working fine, bt when i connect the f cam flex battery drains bt cam/earpic speaker/sensor works fine in standy phone heats at top of board around flex connector and when going to play song at loud it's rebooting booting slow as u telling that the long boot causes of home key it's right! guess tht whats t prblm???......???


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