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A versão somente wi-fi do Air iPad, da Apple, modelo número A1474. Disponível nas cores cinza espacial ou prata, conta com o processador A7 personalizado, com configuração de armazenamento de 16, 32, 64, e 128GB.

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Ipad bricked shortly after digitser replacment.


I smashed the front glass of my Ipad air, and today fitted a replacement.

It worked fine for a while, but then the screen became unresponsive at first in the bottom half of the screen; other times the entire screen not working.

Then suddenly it would work fine again for a couple of minuets, only to repeat the above shortly afterwards.

The screen also occasionally starts shaking violently with no input from my finger.

Because of the intermittent nature, I wondered if i'd left something loose after completing the install.

I opened the device up again and re-traced my steps; unplugging both the digitiser and LCD.

There didn't appear to be any loose connections and everything was in securely.

When I screwed everything back together again after disassembling and reassembling and tried to turn the Ipad on, I got nothing.

plugged it in to see if it was the battery that was dead, still nothing.

I presumed i'd not plugged the LCD in properly, so again disassembled the device to check, but everything was in fine.

I've now disassembled and reassembled the device five times in the hope that I just wasn't putting it back together properly, but the thing just will not turn on.

Not only is this thoroughly frustrating, it has truly stumped me.

For those who have disassembled an Ipad you'll know that there isn't really that much that can go wrong. To fully take off the LCD and digitiser only requires the removal of seven screws and four simple ribbon cables.

I can't see how I've damaged anything. I was very careful, and as far as I can see, the LCD, digitiser and all ribbon cables are intact and undamaged, not can I think of anything I've done that would've damaged them.

The battery also remained entirely untouched throughout the whole process, and as I say, there is no question (unless i'm missing something) that all cables were in securely.

I don't see how I can trouble shoot the issue, either, as I have no real way of testing for damage.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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Actually, a LOT can go wrong repairing iPads...much more so than with iPhones. The reason is that the LCD and digitizer are fully exposed and often times the battery is not properly disconnected/isolated prior to disconnecting the LCD which can create additional risks.

I see three separate issues in your situation:

  1. The first is the intermittent touch of the digitizer after repair. This could be caused by a poor connection but you validated that as a non-issue. Realistically, it could be a tear in the flex or just a bad digitizer.
  2. The screen jumping leads me to believe that the LCD may have been damaged. It is extremely sensitive to damage. Just torquing it the wrong way during disassembly or applying pressure along the edges can damage the delicate traces under the tape.
  3. Now the device appears unresponsive.

Is the iPad recognized when you connect the iPad to an iTunes enabled computer? If it is, at least the logic board is booting up and you problem is probably display related. When you connect it, also shine a bright light on the LCD. If you can see a dim image, the the LCD portion works but the backlight doesn't.

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Thanks a lot for the response. My comment regarding Ipad's being relatively easy to fix was ignorant then I guess. I've fixed four Ipads with a smashed digitiser that all went really well, so I presumed this stuff was easy!

Regarding the issue: when I plugged the device into iTunes as you suggested I got the dead battery symbol, so I can confirm the LCD is now working.

I also tested it with the charger and it also worked.

I have no idea why I didn't get the dead battery symbol yesterday when I plugged it in, but clearly it was just a dead battery.

Having said this, I've now got to fit the digitiser back onto the device, and your post has made has highlighted the fragility of the components.

What are the most important precautions I need to take while fitting the device back together again?

Thanks again!


The bezel around the LCD, covered in tape, is the most fragile part. Don't apply any pressure there. Don't torque or twist the LCD either as it can crack easily. With an iPad, you have three surfaces to keep clean from fingerprints, smudges and dust.

I already mentioned the battery :>).

Keeping everything in place without stressing the flexes requires some multi-hand gymnastics at times. If yours have gone well, that's great! Steady hands and patience will win almost all the time. You can't rush an iPad repair.


okay, I'll see how it goes. Thanks a lot for the help!!


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