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Wifi/bluetooth antenna on iPod Touch 4Gen?

Hello everyone!

I have an iPod Touch 4G which I still consider a great device in terms of usability.

Recently I had to replace its Sleep button and that requires nearly full disassembly.

Since putting it together everything is working great, but then I've noticed that my

ATH Bluetooth headphones started to drop frames.

It doesn't show up indoors - I can go 10-15 meters away, with walls and obstacles, and it works without any problem.

But outdoors, even if I have it in my back pocket, it can loose signal. It feels like some interference from celltowers and radiowaves around us.

Can anyone prove or disprove it and suggest any DIY fix? Is it the same one piece antenna for WIFI and BT? WiFI works as it should - strong signal, no loss.

I dont want to throw it away, it still works great over the wired connection.. :)

Thanks everyone!

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The Touch 4 tends to have a torn antenna flex (upper left hand corner) after repair. Check out this guide.

I would open it up again and closely inspect that flex for tears, even the tiniest one.

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