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Front Camera only work , if Rear camera disconnected


I have replaced an iPhone SE screen and I have used previous front camera and sensors and home button.

After replacement for just one time everything worked properly but after that suddenly

both rear camera and front camera showing black page (don't work) :-O

I don't know what happened but now both camera (rear and front) were not working.

Just for finding the issue, I disconnected the rear camera and I turned on the iPhone, I saw the front camera in this condition work properly !!!

But when I disconnected front camera cable, the rear camera didn't work.

So "Front Camera only work, if Rear camera disconnected" and when I connecting both, none of them working

What's your idea ?

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When putting both cameras in place on the iPhone if one of the cables is not fully connected then it's not going to work. You have to make sure the small cables are not damaged. It happened to me before when replacing the battery, I had put everything together and neither cameras worked. Then I reopened it and fully connected them and then it worked.

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After screen replacement , I try to clean rear camera location by air duster.

I didn't use that directly to camera , I just used for cleaning place that rear camera located.

i don't know rear camera issue found problem after my action or it was not related to that.

Do you have any idea about it?

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A faulty rear camera can stop front camera and flash from working.

1, try a hard reset

2, try new camera(s)

3, board level repair.

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Yes,you're right

After this issue ,both rear and front camera were not working and I had to disconnect rear camera connector to bring back to life front camera


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