Why do I have bad signal with an iFixit Lightning Connector


I went through iFixit to avoid having the problem that was reported with using non-genuine parts or knockoffs through amazon of having weak or no cell signal with the antenna.

After installing the iFixit kit, I'm having the issue that I thought buying iFixit's more expensive part wouldn't cause. In places I used to get moderate 4G signal I'm down to 3G and in places where I used to get weak signal I have no signal at all. I can still get 4G in some places but it's rare now.

Is there something that I could have botched up in the phone or do I just need to return and get a new part from iFixit.

Thank you,


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It may not be the lightning connector, since the Cellular Antenna is located on the top portion of the phone which must be disconnected to get to the bottom part of the device. You may want to look at that section and see if the connectors are damaged or if you put the screws in the wrong place.

Step 29-33 for reference

Reinspect your work and let us know. Good Luck!

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My bad I just realised I put the iPhone 6s as my model. It's just the basic 6.

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I'm pretty sure the antenna is also located in the lightning port flex cable. If after some troubleshooting you think the Lightinng connector flex cable is to blame, you can contact iFixit and ask for a new one under their warranty.

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