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A light-weight, highly portable laptop with rather impressive computing power from Sharp PC. Released in March of 2004, this laptop was rather high end for it's time.

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Can't open a word file

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

Try the following:

  • Check the access permissions for the document or drive.
  • Check if there is enough memory and disk space.
  • Open the file using the backup Converter.

Help open or advise what to do with it. You really need to open))

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When you restart a Microsoft Office program after a power failure or similar problem, the program automatically opens any recovered files. If for some reason the recovery file didn't open, you can open it yourself.

1. On the Standard toolbar, click Open.

2. On the Show pop-up menu, click All Documents.

3. Locate the folder that contains your recovery files.

Each recovery file is named "AutoRecover save of file name."

4. Open the recovery file.

5. Click Save.

6. In the Save As box, enter the name of the existing document.

7. When you see a message asking whether you want to replace the existing document, click Yes.

Any recovery files that haven't been saved are deleted when you quit WordTips

• If you can't open the recovery file, you can try to recover the text from the damaged file.

• To find out or change where your recovery files are stored, click Preferences on the Word menu, and then click File Locations.

• Or you can try to use PAID service , repair word document , find solution here . I wish you Good Luck !!!

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What version of Windows are you running? How much memory does the computer have? How much total hard drive space is there, and how much free hard drive space is there?

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try sending the document to yourself in gmail and opening it with google docs to see if it is the file or if it is ms word that is the problem. if it opens in google docs then you know it is word but the great thing is that you will still have access to it. And for future reference if you do not want to keep upgrading and paying for word use libre office which is open source and free. I hope that this helps you out

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