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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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My screen is flickering lines while not moving mouse or pressing a key

Hello, I have a macbook retina late 2013 and today when I was turning it on, I had a little difficulty because it was not turning on, but after a few tries I accomplished to make it function.

The problem now is that the screen is flickering just like the image, but the intriguing fact is that it only flickers when I'm not moving the mouse/trackpad or typing, when I move the trackpad it stops completely.

Block Image

Has anyone any idea of what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance

EDIT1: Discovered that is not the mouse to keep from flicker, if there is any animation, the screen will not flicker.

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What happens when you plug in an external monitor? Does the image on it look OK?


it stopped after I reseted the SMC, but I could not test on the monitor


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I had one with this issue a while back, a 13" 2015 model. IIRC, it would only show the diagonal stripes when in an OS, or intermittently (holding option key on boot would show picture fine I think). The issue was related to the logic board, I believe it was related in some way to the CPU integrated graphics. I didn't spend too much time on it though, since there was no physical or liquid damage present to suggest a cause, but it was definitely logic board related.

Not a very common issue, but seems to be a rare fault on these and have seen 1 or 2 A1278 models with the same problem. Try outputting video to an external screen to be sure and if you are still having the same issue, try a replacement logic board.

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