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The most popular option to light large areas of buildings. They come in a variety of connection types and power ratings.

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What fluorescent starter to use with 9 inch fluorescent tube

I’m trying to get an old beer sign light to work. It has a small 9 inch tube. There was no starter, so I bought and tried a FS-5. It immediately blew the bulb. I think I must have the wrong type of starter

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So it turns out that some form of a ballast or something else is in the power cord. Again this is a very old beer sign so it likely is not the way they do it now


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Hi @jsanger

Some interesting Read

Would be great if you can share more pictures.

Else another suggestion, to modify the current lighting to use LED modules.

If you use LED, you can remove away the ballast, if you had tested the ballast has failed, so as the starter.

Just for your reference.

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This beer sign light does not have a ballast, just a starter. How do I share a picture

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@jsanger use this guide Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente you need to edit your question and add the images to the question.


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