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Will the JDS-040 fit on my ps4 controller when mine has JDS-050?

My Controller model is CUH-ZCT2U and the model of the port is JDS-050 so i wanted to make sure before i bought anything that might not fit, and if i do need JDS-050, where could i find one ive looked everywhere but i cant find it.


Block Image

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I am in the same boat, need a jds-050 usb board and all I can find is the jds-040 board.. I'm gonna just order that one, the pin connectors are the same and had seen a wire diagram where they match the same, I am thinking the jds-050 was either an upgraded board or maybe a differnt manufacturer.

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Same problem. Already tried a jds-040 board. It is not compatible.


so either buy a new controller or wait till they release the jds-050 to consumers


I have a CUH-ZCT2U (5th gen) and my controller has a JDS-055 board. My controller works when connected to USB but will not charge. I bought a JDS-040 board by mistake. The JDS-040 can be installed in the controller but the ribbon connector is on the other side and requires the ribbon cable be twisted to make it work. The JDS-040 does allow the controller to work over USB and the lights work but still not charging.


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