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My iPhone 6 Plus won't turn on at all

I have this iPhone 6 Plus that refuses to turn on. So far I've replaced the charging port and the battery and it still won't turn on. iTunes does not recognize it either. I tested the logic board through the FPC Connector using a multimeter and the reading gave me a voltage between 3.5-4.0. According to a YouTube video, this means that the logic board is still alive and the logic board can be charged.

However, iTunes does not recognize the device and my it won't turn on either. What else can I do? What could be the issue?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @nrodriguez914 , testing for voltage at the battery terminal isnt a very accurate diagnosis of whats going on, but it does rule out a couple of things, that can cause spontaneous failure (i'm assuming its spontaneous, because there was no back story).

Given that you get voltage at your battery terminal, that rules out an issue at VCC_MAIN. You next likely suspect for failure is the Tristar IC. The Tristar IC connects to the I2C0 bus, and can cause total spontaneous failure of all device functions, despite the voltage making its way to battery (which happens thanks to the Tigris IC, which is on another I2C bus.) Tristar is a fairly common failure on these devices. We repair them all the time.

If there's more to the story we don't know about (water damage, a severe drop/bend) there are other, potentially more likely possibilities. With the information you have provided though it does sound like tristar failure.

We wrote an article on the charging system you can read about here:

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