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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Tail light bulb replacement on 2006 Focus SE 2 DR Hatch?

How do you replace the tail light bulb on a 2006 2DR Hatch Focus SE? I found one screw for the lens housing under the hatch but the housing won’t budge. I know Ford hid some screws somewhere. I don’t want to pay the dealer, or anyone else, $60.00 to change a $2.00 bulb and if it’s like my Mustang the repair manual doesn’t help at all.

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A little standing on the ole head in the trunk area and I found the plastic retainer nut just fine. Ford kind of hid it a bit away from where I pictured it but it worked out fine. Thanks for the help folks!


The answers to this are correct, so listen to them. I'm actually in the midst of taking pictures for this guide, so hopefully I can get that up sometime in the not-too-distant future.


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Kurtis I believe that for the Focus you have to reach into the back of the car and there is a thumb style plastic screw that needs to be taken out. In the trunk, whichever side, and remove the inner cover. Unscrew the light itself. Remove the light from the car, replace the bulb. If you have the visible on the inside of the hatch area taken off, then thats it. There is a clip towards the top of the light that can not be seen while the assembly is on, but if you pull at a certain angle it will just pop out. It feels as though it wont but it will with a little force, just be carefull not to crack anything. Here are some good instructions and Video instructions for a 2009 are here so even if it is not exactly like yours, it does give you an idea. good Luck

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+ I like research


;-) keeps our mind sharp...


+1 pretty good, even though 2009 is a completely different design (no hatchback). I'll have to jump on finishing this guide.


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I just did this last week. There is a large (3/4" dia) thumb screw on the inside. I did not have to remove any covers from the inside to get to it. There was a little hole that allowed access directly behind the light.

Next remove the small screw from the outside. It is beside the light typicaly hid by the trunk door.

Then you pull it straight back. You have to pull hard. There is a plastic spring that tries to hold it in place.

From there you can twist the plug to unlock it and allow removal.

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+1 Exactly what you do.


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