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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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I spilled some water on my MacBook Air keyboard


So I spilled some water on my MacBook Air keyboard. First thing I did was turn it at and angle so most of the water would fall off, then I used tissues to dry it. What I was watching was still working so I didn’t think much of it, after like 10 minutes I wanted to type something and realized my keyboard and mouse didn’t work.

So I turned it off and PLUGGED IT IN which was very stupid of me. I then put rice all over it and then after a while I also unplugged it. I then let the laptop in the sun with the rice on it and checked after like 2 hours but it still didn’t turn on.

Any ideas what I should do?

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@ambam what exact MacBook Air is this? We need the exact model. Next remove it from power and next best thing would be to remove the battery. Since we do not know which exact model this is, we cannot provide you with assistance on that yet. You can take it out of the rice. It does not do anything and is a waste of time and good rice. Do not try to turn it back on or use it or anything else at this time.


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maybe you motherboard is damaged because of the water. or maybe the water damage the battery, I cant tell you anything for certain but try to bring the laptop to a specialist so he can solve the problem

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You should check for corrosion on the logic board if you see any use a tooth brush with isopropyl alcohol to scrub this off. Refer to this video if you are confused

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