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Calendar app not displaying by month any more

My calendar app always displayed by month, but suddenly it is only showing the days of the current week along the top of the screen EVEN THOUGH THE MONTH ICON IS SELECTED. The rest of the screen is available for entering many items in the Agenda. Before, I had the whole month showing above and a smaller rest of the screen for showing appointments. This suited me fine, but I can't get it to go back to how it was, even though I have rebooted.

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Hi, I've just sorted mine, if you look there is a grey strip, hold your finger on it and pull it down, the calendar month view is then visible, so for some strange reason the month view was in a kind of minimised mode

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Brilliant! On mine, the strip is blue, on the right and very narrow. But touching it and dragging it down brings back the month view - who knew?!


Thank you so much. All sorted out now!


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get a new app and delete the old one.

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I tried that but it's a system app and can't be uninstalled


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