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Tv wont turn on.

Tv was turned off with remote then had no power light that night. Two days later, green light showed then turned red. Turned on tv, light went green, nothing happened and light went off again. Held in buttons as suggested on this site and button showed green then red but when turned on, turned green again and seemed to want to turn on but went off and now no lights showing again. It says it's a AWA 24" FULL HD LCD with built-in DVD Player. Model number: MHDV-2413-03-D0 but AWA hasn't been manufacturing for years.

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@icabod this could b a fun task. Something rare for a challenge ;-) You do want to go ahead and remove the back of your TV. Then take lots of good pictures of all of the boards and the cables etc. Post those with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. Check the boards for any obvious damage like domed or leaking capacitors etc. Then you can go ahead with some troubleshooting but you will need a multimeter for that.

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1: plug out power connector, mains power, and leave TV with no power for a full night.

Sometimes, RAM or EEPROM needs resetting.

2: Remote has battery?

Hope this helps, if not it its the powersupply or mainboard of the TV.


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