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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Is there a BT module available?

Is there a BlueTooth module available here for this model MBPro?

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MBPro 15" 2.66 IC2D Mid 209 / Apple Part #922-9138


@macologist voting people down because they did not give you the exact part because you didn't bother to tell us the correct machine will not win you any friends around here. Good luck with your problem.


@mayer my apologies; i did not realize i was “voting you down”. I thought i was simply answering if your post had answered my question. Also, i did put the details of the exact machine...see above from 5 hours ago. I look for your replies often as you do good work here.


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It does get confusing ;-}

Apple used two different configurations across two different logic boards. I don't fully understand why they did this.

The gloss screen uses the combo Bluetooth/WiFi AirPort board that sits within the clutch cover. The Anti-glare models uses a separate BlueTooth module that sits at the hinge screws on the left. And uses the same combo board without using the bluetooth services it offers!

MacBook Pro 15"/17" Unibody (2008/2009) Airport Extreme Card - Apple P/N 607-4144

Before you replace the board check the logic board connection and see if the cable routing is correct. Look around the hinge area as the cable can get damaged there.

MacBook Pro 15"/17" Unibody (2008-2009) Airport Extreme Card Imagem


MacBook Pro 15"/17" Unibody (2008-2009) Airport Extreme Card


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