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Can't restore my iPhone but the apple logo shows up dim

Okay so when I plug in the phone, the screen is dark but you can faintly see the apple logo in the middle of the screen. It is as if the light in the screen was broken but you could see the apple logo. I used a different screen and I get the same problem. I try to connect it to iTunes but iTunes does not recognize the phone. So what I did was I tried restoring it in recovery mode. When I did this, the computer recognized the iPhone right away and said it needed an update and to restore it. However, once the "Extracting Software" tab is done filling up on iTunes, I guess it tries to automatically turn on the phone. The phone turns on but it turns on to the dim screen with the apple logo showing up faintly in the middle of the screen. iTunes then fails to recognize the phone because it says "iPhone could not be found."

What could be the problem?

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I guess the question should be what happened to the phone before this started to occur? Was the phone dropped, repaired or came into contact with water?

First your backlight circuit is damaged. That is why you only see a dim image and even a different (preferably known-good) screen has the same issue.

Second, you have a boot up issue and I suspect it is related to whatever caused your backlight issue. There could be a lot of different causes and solutions so any background info you can share will help. However, it is most likely a logic board issue.

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