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Best tri wing screwdriver?

I’m looking for a really good tri point / tri-wing screwdriver.

I love my Phillips and pentalobe ifixit drivers, but I’ve heard that the tri’s aren’t the best.

Looking for an unbiased opinion.

If they’re shipping from the UK, even better.



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What is your concern? Fit, wear resistance, size of the handle.


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Wiha drivers are considered the best by many repair techs although I have never tried their Y000 so caveat emptor. I have the iFixit bit and I am happy with it. There are a few threads on Facebook about this and generally speaking, folks are happy although a few are not. Here is the link but you probably need to join the group to see it.

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I love the IFIXIT tool sets.

I use the Tri-Wing often taking out batteries & trackpads in MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro systems. Mine is a getting worn but still quite good. Driver tips get the worse treatment so overtime you do need to replace them.

I use the Tri-Point bit when working on the AppleWatch and I haven't had any problem with it.

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