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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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How make my fan run full speed?

Hi there!

I have the original ps4 (the big one) from 2013. Recently I realized how slow the fan is and how hot the ps4 gets. Personally would never bother about that but I get literally pretty big lags in games which I assume are coused by thermal throttling since after an hour you can’t touch the top of the ps4 bear hand.

I took it apart cleaned the whole motherboard with pure a Alcohol, cleaned the fan and heat sink thoroughly and applied new thermal compound. Unfortunately it didn’t do much. The fan during gaming runs suspiciously low. The speed does change but that’s not what I want. I want maximum heat output during gaming for a lag-free experience. Therefore my questions is - how to make the fan run at full speed? I know there are some fan accelerometers out there but it’s hard to get one in Poland and shipping is just hilariously expensive. Is there any way to connect the wires from the fan to some other parts or solder it so that I gets higher voltage ?

Thanks in advance!

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You should not over-volt the fan, it may cause the fan motor to break due to too much power. Also was the fan running slow from the start when you bought the PS4? Maybe it is a bug in the software and you should update.

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Nah software was reinstalled 2 weeks ago because I had to swap my old hard drive that just stopped working. No difference. I also unplugged the fan connector to the motherboard and plugged back in also no change. I really want it to run at its Max RPM. Maybe I could remove a temp sensor for my ps to think it’s to hot and it’ll spin it maximum ?


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Simple. Mine got wet so i took it apart and cleaned all the corrosion. The only problem was my fan no longer came on. Got a new fan to replace it and it still didn't work, the mother board side of control for the fan was fried. Every thing else seemed fine. Programming wouldn't help.. Didn't wanna start replacing motherboard parts. My simple fix.. Take the wire from the fan to the motherboard and splice it to a USB cable. Plug up a cell phone charger and plug in the USB. Jus make sure to plug and unplug the USB from the adapter everytime you turn it on and off an ur good. Been runnin my ps4 pro like that for close to 2 years now. And now close to the ps5 comin out my ps4 stopped coming on at all.. I read that one blue beep could possibly be fixed with a new power cord. I could hear it sparking a lil bit when i plug into the back of the system. So I jammed it in as far as i could push.. Then wiggled it up and down a little bit to slightly back off the cord from the system and presto.. Back on my fix.. Destiny 2. Yay time to ignore the kids again ;P. J/k.. But my now pressing issue is… how long would a ps4 pro fan run at full speed without breaking on average? Cuz I'm scared to turn off my PlayStation 4 in case it dont wanna turn back on.. And i have to have the fan plugged up to usb constantly runnin while it's on even in sleep mode or it will overheat. Tryna just use it as much as possible without turning it off, At least until Sony is nice enough to let the ppl waiting patiently the opportunity to buy the system. Any advice on that would be great too.. But for you.. Get electrical tape and plug it in and it will not be throttled just ran at the specs of the adapter constantly. Hope it

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