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The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8-inch tablet released by Dell in January 2014.

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My tablet won't turn on

my tablet won't turn on (dell venue 10 pro/windows) because power button doesn't work so anyway to turn on without the power button?

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Where do we get this super special charger for it? I have the venue 8 pro and it won’t turn on :/


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You may have no alternative but to perform a hard reset.

Hold down the (Volume -) button, then hold down the power button.

Release power button once Dell logo appears but continue to hold (Volume -) until menu appears.

You can use the Volume + to navigate the menu, Volume - to engage.

If it still does not turn on, reseat the battery before leaving the device overnight to charge and then try again.

You can reseat the battery by carefully prying the case from the display (it is not screwed or glued down) with a small knife or screw driver. Pay special care around the buttons and USB/Memory ports. Carefully unplug the battery's ribbon cable and put it back.

If this still doesn't work - your device is pooched!

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Measure the voltage output on the charger. Confirm whether it's good or not. If good, take out the battery and hold the power button for 30s. Connect to charger again without battery and try to turn it on. The Dell Venue 5130 Pro will turn on without a battery. Don't know which model you have but the 5130 variant that I serviced required input of 19.5V and 1.2-1.54A, so a regular phone/tablet won't do. There's a microUSB and some other proprietary port to charge that it had.

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