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13.3" flip-top, touchscreen laptop (SVF13NA1UL).

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My Sony Vaio Fit 15E svf15215clb shuts down

Hi! I have an issue with my sony vaio fit 15e running Windows 10, it turns on but after I sign in, it shuts down by itself(It last less than 5 min on). So far I have cleaned it up the fan from the inside, I entered the BIOS and it didn't shut down while in there but once I reboot it to get into the OS it shutdown again. I haven't checked the thermal paste of the CPU nor the GPU, could it be that? or something else?

Thank you.

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Do you get a quick BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) before it shuts down and then does it reboot automatically?

If so here's a link that shows how to disable the feature so that you can view any error messages associated with the BSOD. (if there are any)

Try starting the laptop in safe mode and see if it stays on OK. If it does then there is either a driver problem or perhaps a "startup" program problem.

Check Task Manager (right click on taskbar, select Task Manager > Startup) to see what programs are run on startup). Disable them one at a time to see if one of them is the cause of the problem.

Check Event Viewer to see if there are any Critical, Error or Warning events at the time of shutdown, which might help to identify the problem. (Right click on Windows Start button, left side of taskbar and click on Event Viewer link)

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No BSOD so far, nor automatic reboot. I installed Windows 10 yesterday, the whole installation process was successful, I had Windows 8.1 running before and the issue was there too, I enter on the event viewer I took a screenshot of it before it shutdown. Idk how to upload the picture to the thread, so here is a link to it,



Does the laptop fail when starting it in "safe mode" as well, you didn't say?

It is sometimes a long process to narrow down what the cause of the problem is, so a process of elimination may be the only way to find out.

It is always better if you can actually cause the problem to happen, but that's too easy.

Here is a link to a free memory test program

Download it to a USB flashdrive and then boot the laptop from the flashdrive (you need to change the boot order in BIOS and possibly enable Legacy USB (or CSM) in BIOS if it doesn't want to boot from the USB drive.)

The idea behind this is not to test the RAM per se, but to see if the problem is related to the OS, the HDD or the laptop hardware.

By testing the RAM this way, the HDD (even though it is spinning -unless you have an SSD) is not being used nor is the OS involved.

If it doesn't fail then at least it partially eliminates the laptop hardware.

Just out of interest, do you only have one Anti Virus (A/V) program installed and running in the laptop?

If it is a 3rd party program have you checked that Windows Defender has been turned OFF?

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It does fail on safe mode as well but it took about 10 min to shutdown, fresh install of windows 10, no other software installed, windows defender is on, I'm going to test the memory and I'll come back with more feedback.


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The bottom vents are lined on the inner surface with a fine fabric.

This fabric has tiny holes that can easily block up with dust and airborne contaminents such as dead skin cells.

Buy a small children's painting brush and cut the bristles shorter with scissors in order to make it stiffer.

Use the brush to clean the muck from the fabric. You can do this from the outside of the laptop.

A torch will reveal when the tiny holes in the fabric are clear.

This will restore the airflow through the cooling fan system.

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The main problem is when you upgrade the Dual core processor B480 to any other (2nd or 3rd Intel core i3 or i5) as these are GPUs that includes Intel HD Graphics when you upgrade the process the graphics too but as were not optimized for this model after 30 mins shutdown itself to protect from any damage.

I highly recommend to install back the Dual Core Celeron processor to stop this issue.

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