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Compressor quit working..on ice cream truck. Any ideas on how to repa

Anyone repair old compressors used on a 1967 ice cream truck.

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@krazykate we need more information on this "ice cream truck" If you are referring about the compressor for the ice cream setup the we need to know a make/model number etc. For the vehicle itself, let us know engine size etc. Also, when you said the compressor quit working, you forgot to to tell us how it is not working. does it start? Not cooling? what have you checked> Post some images of your vehicle, compressor and cooling setup so we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question


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A competent air conditioner mechanic can fix this. If there is a classic car place in your city, go there and ask them if they know of a good A/C mechanic that can fix your compressor. They will recommend someone to you. You might also go to your local vo-tech school. The students can fix it, under the supervision of the teacher.

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