Which method do you use for open iPhone 6S?

Hello, I'm looking for the best method to open waterproof screens like that of the iPhone 6S. I use a hair dryer for me, it's quite long and a big waste of time. And I'm also afraid that heat will damage the fingerprint.

Which method do you use?

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I do recommend you use a heat source. The function is to soften the glue and sealers so you don't need to over stress the display. IFIXIT offers a good tool kit for working on iPhones here's what they offer: iOpener. Unlike your hair drier (or heat gun) you're using a heating pad (iOpener). I would recommend getting a second so you can speed up the process. You should also get the iSclack as well it offers the best prying action and you don't mar the case or display assembly using a knife..

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for a 6s i only use an isesamo and no heat

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I do these repairs on a daily basis and an iSesamo is the best tool. The adhesive on the 6s is not the strong.


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