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Can I use a iPhone 5/5S screen to replace my SE screen?

I want to either do it myself or get it fixed at a repair shop. If they don't have any SE screens available can they use a 5S/5 screen?

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Yes you can. If you have an original 5s Apple screen it will work on the SE too. If it's aftermarket you can't know for sure, some work fine, some do not..however a shop would have several available to try out.

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Unfortunately, no you can't. You have to purchase a replacement SE screen. Also, if shops have 5/5s screens they should have SE because 5/5s are older than the SE. The SE has the specs of an iPhone 6.

Also the 5/5s/SE are super cheap to repair. About $50-$80 at a shop. If you can do it on your own, which I say you definitely can. The part on Amazon is $25 - $30 just take your time and don't force anything. Also, most importantly DO NOT MIX THE SCREWS. Keep them in a pattern that resembles the way they came out. Have any more questions lmk.

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