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Touchscreen has bad accuracy after screen replacement

Just replaced the display on my 6s over the weekend and now the accuracy of typing and most other fine tasks on my phone are very inconsistent. No rhyme or reason for it being off by so much that I can find. Is this a normal goof when screwing up the instal or did I just get a bad part?

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It's most likely a bad screen. All of the circuitry for managing the Touch is embedded within the screen.

You should still double check that the screen is properly connected and that there is no debris or damage to the connectors or flexes. Otherwise, contact your supplier about a replacement or refund.

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I’ll try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Are there often defective parts from ifixit? That’s where I got the screen


iFixit has superior parts compared to sources from eBay and Amazon but even the best suppliers will have some defect rate. The difference is a vendor like iFixit will have low single digit defects versus probably 20-30% for bottom of the barrel sources.

Nothing is perfect, the difference is iFixit will stand behind their products and make things right. Contact them at help.ifixit.com.


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