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Why my washing machine stops after the washing stage?


I have an AEG 1050 front load washing machine.

It stops right after it gets full with water (goes to the end stage).

It does empty the water after i switch it of and use the drain opption.

While draing it does spin half cycles so i dont think it is a rubber isue.

I tried the cold program to make sure it is not a problem of the heating part and it also stopped at the same way.

Any suggestion?

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@adamver, Does it stop after the washing stage, as the title says, or after "it gets full with water"? The basic flow of operations for a washer is fill->wash->drain->spin->fill->rinse->drain->spin. Where in this cycle does it stop? And does it stop at the same spot every time, or does it stop in different spots?

Also, here is a link to your owner's manual: You can refer to pages in it to help us know what is happening/what you are doing.


Thanks Tim. It stops at the same spot every time. It stops immediately after it gets full with water, it doesnt get to the wash stage.


Hi Tim. Thank you very much for your answer. With your premission I need two clarification:

1. "set the programme selector to anything but the first one. " first one = cottons linen? (This is the first programme as I understand).

2. "Then press and hold the Prewash and Stain buttons at the same time".

Hold = start/pause botton?

And again, thank you very much.



@adamver, I answered your questions in the update below.


I changed the door lock and it didn't solve the problem. @tdunc15


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First, check the door switch for continuity and proper function. Typically, in newer models, the washer won't fill up with water if it thinks the door is open. This is especially true for front load models. However, this is a common failure point, and I have seen models that allow the door to be opened during fill, but won't agitate until the door is closed. Here is a video of someone accessing and replacing a door switch on a LG model:, and here is a good overview of door switch function

Next, try to get the stored error code. With the machine turned one and door closed, set the programme selector to anything but the first one. Then press and hold the Prewash and Stain buttons at the same time. While holding them, the "End" light will flash a number of times, and then the "Start" light will flash. For example, the End will flash 5 times and Start will flash once, which will correspond to error code E51. You can look this up online along with your model number. If you provide me with your model and/or product number (see sticker inside door recess) along with the number of flashes, we can help you look at the specific error of your washer.

Other things that you can look at for this type of problem:

- Unplug the washer, and wait 5-10 minutes before plugging back in.

- Check the drive belt

- Check the drive motor for proper operation

- Check wiring harnesses and plug connectors to the motor for damage/continuity.


No, you do not press the Start/Pause button. Press and hold the "Prewash" and the "Stain" buttons only. By "hold" I mean to keep the prewash and stain buttons pressed down. Below is a picture with the two buttons you should press and hold highlighted with a red box.

As for where to set the Programme Selector... The instructions aren't clear. I would start at the "60" under Cottons/Linen (highlighted with a blue arrow below) and try there first. If you don't get the flashing lights when you hold down the prewash and stain buttons, I would rotate the Programme Selector to different settings until you get the flashing lights as I describe above.

Block Image

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Hi tim.

I unpluged the washer for 10 minutes and it didnt solve the problem.

I tried to get the error code but the

"End" light flashed simultaneous with the "Start" light endlessly.

The drive belt seems ok.

Regarding the door switch (3 contuct module), i dont have the wiring diagram of the module. What is considered as a proper result? Is there a simple way to baypass the switch in order to check if it is

related to the problem?

Thank you for your time


@adamver, what is your model number?


@tdunc15 , Pnc 914 002 424 00


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