MBP lifeless after a battery connector mishap :(

I was recently given a 13" MacBook Pro Retina (i7@3.0Ghz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) as it had encountered some issues. The unit had power (from an AC adapter or battery), however, upon turning on the screen would remain blank, there was no chime, and the fans would just slowly build up until they were running at max (but that's a fix for another time). The owner opted for an upgrade, rather than fixing it, and gave it to me in the hope that I could retrieve the contents of his SSD.

I retrieved the contents off the SSD by following the iFixit guide to remove the SSD, which I placed in a USB enclosure that I bought off eBay for a few dollars.

The problem is that upon removing the SSD, I messed up while re-attaching the battery. When reattaching the battery, there is an interposer that needs to go in in a specific alignment. I had everything aligned properly, ready to lower the battery connector, but then something else went wrong and while I attended to that the interposer moved out of the correct alignment. Due to a momentary brain fart, I pressed the battery connector down onto the interposer without first checking its alignment on the logic board. A few second later I smelt a faint electrical burn :(

Since then the MBP has been lifeless in that it won't charge from the AC adapter, and will not turn on. There's are no lights, no signs of power or life whatsoever.

I'm wondering whether anybody is able to comment on which part(s) I am likely to have fried please?

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