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Using 3rd party parts cause Unsuccessful repair for iPhone?


I saw something in iFixit newsletter which mentions if we use 3rd party parts for repair in some scenarios , the new part or other related parts won’t work properly

and this issues will extend by Apple more and more when Apple present a newer iOS updates.

for example some Touch IDs didn’t work after full screen replacement or some other similar cases.

1.I wan’t to know is it true ?

2.How does it happened ?

3.Is there any complete source for these kind of issues to know about them (I called Uncertain Repair) before starting to repair?

4.What’s the solution ? Only taking services from Apple Service Providers?

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There are certain repairs that cannot be done by third parties. TouchID, FaceID and certain critical IC's are all code-locked or paired to the logic board. Depending on the type of repair you want or need to do, this may or may not be an issue.

If you are mainly changing screens and doing modular repairs, then be wary about Home Buttons and now the ALS on the iPhone X. Apple is working hard to maintain full control over anything that is critical to the protection of user data. Every once and a while, a new update breaks something with cheap aftermarket parts. If you use only good quality parts and buy from a trusted vendor, you should be good.

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Corporate greed knows no bounds. If you prefer companies dictating who will be able to repair the things you buy and how much they will charge you to do it, THEN JUST DO NOTHING.

If on the other hand you prefer prices to be dictated by competition, you will have to join the fight.

Here's where to start:

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